A good bitch boy would know that’s $340 on him for two Goddesses to enjoy themselves! Inquire within and foot the bill for our fun.

When a man watches a woman get fucked on screen, he sees his conquest, his fuck doll, his wet-dream inspired perfect sex object, served up for him on a silver platter, gift wrapped and ribboned, ready for his consumption. But a woman- she sees herself. She masturbates to her own objectification, commodification, dehumanization and sexual punishment. She masturbates to ‘shut up and take it, slut’. She masturbates to ‘I’ll shove two dry fingers in your cunt, that’ll teach you’. She masturbates to ‘this is what your body is for. A vessel for my cock. A meal to chew up and spit out. A body to wipe drool and semen on. This is who you are’.

Gia London on what it’s like to watch mainstream porn as a woman

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Just a thought…

Just because you aren’t popular on tumblr and people aren’t up in your inbox doesn’t make you any less than any other sex worker and it doesn’t make them any better than you.

You are your own person, this journey is yours, your dollar is your responsibility. Just get out there and make that money, don’t worry about what other people are doing.

Concentrate on yourself, perfect your craft, learn from your mistakes, do your research, and you’ll find yourself less and less concerned with Tumblr going ons because you’re too busy getting that fucking money.

Love yourselves.

Make them pay <3




Gonna go see The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko, and Schoolboy Q with my bb, Alainaaaaaaaaa

I know you are so jealous of our lives right now!


Anonymous asked:
Do you work or study? Like how do you support yourself ? :)





how people miss the racial commentary of this song is still so astounding to me. it’s so clearly a fuck white beauty standards song.

most white people so drunk off whiteness, they don’t even get it.

who knew though…… by 2014, white people would “discover” twerking and  convince themselves that jennifer lopez and other white bitches made booty a good thing to have. lol.

they still can’t admit that black women are beautiful. they will just keep magic wand selecting all of our features as beautiful, but not beautiful on us.

How many people paid attention to this part of the video

ok that shit was obvious, like he even says ” Cosmo says you’re fat, well I aint down with that”

they only hear a black man hollering about butts and find it hilarious and dont really listen to anything else

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