"When I looked in the mirror I felt more powerful and beautiful than I ever. I was nude, my hair was loose down my back. I noticed that my skin was moving beneath the surface, all these different shades of brown swirling and mixing like when you add creamer to coffee."

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Last night


So last night was an epic Chaturbate night.

  • Twerked my ass off for the twerk gods
  • Reached my goals
  • There were tipping wars
  • Got TONS of extra tips I wasn’t expecting
  • Had fun reading two assholes and got my entire life doing so
  • Chatted with a few lovely close camgirls about girl stuff while on cam for hours

Considering the week I’ve had, last night really made it better

I keep forgetting you have a Tumblr again.

And yes we was READING and TEAING for the GAWDS honey!

whosac asked:
im srry goddness green eyed im new at this


we know

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