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Pippi Longstocking (1997)

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Black women do not fare well in the porn industry because the “plum” jobs for porn performers—the contract employment with the two major porn-feature studios, Vivid and Wicked—are reserved mainly for white women. These studios, with their chic image, sophisticated marketing practices, and guarantee of regular work, afford their contract women an income and level of visibility that makes them the envy of the industry. (Jenna Jameson, of course, is held up as the quintessential example of just how far a contract porn star can go.) With surgically enhanced bodies, perfectly coiffed hair, and glamorous makeup, these women act as PR agents for the porn industry, showing up regularly on Howard Stern, E! Entertainment, or in the pages of Maxim. As the porn industry increasingly wiggles its way into pop culture, it is no surprise that it uses mainly white women as the “acceptable” face of porn; their all-American-girl looks seamlessly mesh with the blonde, blue-eyed images that grace screens, celebrity magazines, and billboards across North America.

In porn, women of color are generally relegated to gonzo, a genre that has little glamour, security, or chic status. Here women have few fan club Web sites, do not make it to pop culture, and have to endure body-punishing sex. But while the sex acts are typical gonzo, the way the written text frames the sex is unique as it racializes the bodies and sexual behavior of the performer. In all-white porn, no one ever refers to the man’s penis as “a white cock” or the woman’s vagina as “white pussy,” but introduce a person of color, and suddenly all players have a racialized sexuality, where the race of the performer(s) is described in ways that make women a little “sluttier” and the men more hypermasculinized.

It is this harnessing of gender to race that makes women of color a particularly useful group to exploit in gonzo porn, since gonzo porn works only to the degree that the women in it are debased and dehumanized. As a woman of color, the porn performer embodies two subordinate categories, such as Asian fuckbucket, black ho, or Latina slut. All past and present racist stereotypes are dredged up and thrown in her face while she is being orally, anally, and vaginally penetrated by any number of men. When men (irrespective of race) ejaculate on her face and body, they often make reference to her skin color, and her debased status as a woman is seamlessly melded with, and reinforced by, her supposed debased status as a person of color. In the process, her race and gender become inseparable and her body carries the status of dual subordination.

Gail Dines | Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality (via wretchedoftheearth)

This  clip of me in blue lace came out beautifully ♥︎

Sex Work Approved Payment Options


Paypal [x] “You may not use the PayPal service for activities that… relate to transactions involving…. certain sexually oriented materials or services.” See this blog posting for ways that PayPal will find to close or freeze your account. Do not use.

Square [x] - “… Will not accept payments in connection with… Adult entertainment oriented products or services (in any medium, including internet, telephone or printed material)”. Do not use.

Amazon [x] - Nothing was found on their legal page, but during a private chat they said, “All Amazon.com Wish Lists found to be used for purchasing items in exchange for legal sex work, be it camera modeling or otherwise, are not allowed and will be removed.” They went on to say that if you are found in violation of their rules, your wish list can be deleted. Multiple occurrences of rule violation and you can lose your entire account, including gift cards still remaining on your balance. Use with caution.

Greendot [x] -  Nothing was found in their Cardholder Agreement, but during a private chat they said, ”The Green Dot Card cannot be used for adult website or adult services.” Do not use.

WePay [x] - ”…You will not accept payments or use the Service in connection with the following activities, items or services:

Adult or adult-related services, including escort services, adult massage, or other adult-entertainment services
Adult or adult-related content, including performers or ‘cam girls’.” Do not use.

Giftrocket [x] Nothing was found in their legal page, but when asked about using the site for adult services in an email:

"Your customers can send you gifts through our site, but keep in mind that we are not a payment processor and that is not an approved use of our site. We also only recommend you only accept gifts on our site from people you know." Use with caution.

Venmo [x] - “You agree you will not use the Services to violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation relating to sales of… certain sexually oriented materials or services”

When asked about using the site for adult services in an email: ”We do not provide a payments product for any services or other business activity.  Our platform is for peer to peer transactions only.  At this time we cannot provide payment services for any transactions associated with goods or services whether or not the related content is adult.  Legal adult services will be reviewed on a case by case basis if and when we can support business transactions.” Do not use.

Bitcoin [xNothing was found on their legal page, but when asked about using the site for adult services in an email:

"Bitcoin allows you to accept payments directly without involving a third party intermediary. If you click through to the Bitcoin.com website, there’s info there on how you can set up a wallet and get started. Otherwise, there are also merchant processors that you can utilize, some of the biggest being Coinbase and BitPay.”  Bitcoin is going under, do not trust.

Bitpay [xNothing was found on their legal page, but when asked about using the site for adult services in an email:

"You are able to use us as a payment processor for legal, adult purposes." Sex worker friendly!

Coinbase [x] Nothing was found on their legal page, but when asked about using the site for adult services in an email:

 ”As long as your company is operating legally and compliant with all state and federal regulations, you can use Coinbase’s merchants services.” Sex worker friendly! 

Payoneer [x]  This company gave me a lot of hassle when I tried to get an exact answer out of them about what is allowed by the company or even a list of approved sites that they work with. Apparently you’re okay if you’re using one of their approved sites but DO NOT USE THE PAYONEER CARD FOR PRIVATE LOADING.

Quoted: “We provide payment options for people in the adult industry but they need to sign up through one of our partner companies in order to use Payoneer as a payment solution [like] LiveJasmin, Myfreecams and other similar sites.

"But please be advised that people working in the adult industry cannot get paid through the US Payment Service. Your Payoneer card is intended to be used as a payout solution, to get paid from any of our official partners or the US Payment Service. Your Payoneer account should not be used for the sole purpose of Private Loading. Under section 5 of the terms and conditions of that specific service does not support adult work. Please also note that the US Payment Service is not available to those residing in the US.” 

Section 5 of the terms and conditions of the US Payment service reads,You will not accept payments in connection with the following activities, items or services [for] obscene or pornographic items, adult businesses or adult related services, including escort services, adult massage, or other adult-entertainment services, adult performer regardless of sexual orientation [or] personal use such as gifts, loans or payments from friends and family.” Use with caution.

Verotel [x] Nothing was found on their legal page, but when asked about using the site for adult services in an email:

"We can work with online payments for webcam or phone sex, as long as it is implemented in your site with our payment gateway. We can only process for online content, downloads, videos, webcam chat, talk , etc. …If someone is to pay for a service and then there is a real life session that is offered later, we would not be able to process for this.”  (Online sex work is okay, RT sessions are not) Sex worker friendly!

Redpass [x] This company touts themselves as “The ultimate payroll solution for the adult entertainment industry.” Sex worker friendly!

80,889 plays Thotty Chance The Rapper

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